One Last Adventure
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One Last Adventure

“One Last Adventure” is a cool platformer game that you can finish it in about an hour if you’re new. It’s all about exploring, fighting bad guys (even cute bunnies and bees), and learning awesome new moves (like the classic double jump). You might have to go back and forth a bit, but there’s a not-so-helpful map to guide you. Get ready for an exciting journey!


Made by Jani Nykänen.

Learn to make this game by viewing the source code on github

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Arrow keys (left stick or dpad): Move/climb
  • Space or Z ( (A) button ): Jump
  • Left Ctrl or X ( (X) button ): Attack
  • Left Shift or C ( (B) button ): Cast a spell (requires an item)
  • Right Shift or M ( (back) button ): Open a map (requires an item)
  • Enter or Escape ( (start) button ): Open pause menu