One Gun Stickman
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One Gun Stickman

“One Gun: Stickman” is an engaging shooter game with RPG elements, featuring a quirky storyline where the hero, Stickman, armed with a water pistol, ventures into the forest to tackle a sudden intrusion of various menacing creatures like zombies, slimes, and spiders. This forest encounter, however, is merely the start of a much larger adventure, propelling Stickman into more extensive battles to purge the land of evil forces.

As Stickman confronts these challenges, his faithful companion, Caty, and a team of cat friends work tirelessly to mine bitcoins from a farm, adding a unique twist to the gameplay. Players must navigate through various bosses to obtain rare gear and powerful weapons, all while leveling up Stickman’s abilities in the gym and striving to capture all the strategic points on the map.

The game offers three distinct modes to suit different styles of play:

  • Point Mode: Navigate through a map, completing objectives and progressing through levels.
  • Battle Mode: A continuous challenge where the difficulty escalates with each level.
  • Horror Mode: A survival mode where players must endure as long as possible against waves of terrifying enemies.

The home base in “One Gun: Stickman” includes several essential locations:

  • Shop: A dynamic store where players can purchase weapons, armor, and pets, with inventory stats that refresh with every game entry.
  • Home: This serves as the hero’s inventory hub, where all equipment and items are stored.
  • GYM: A facility where players can enhance Stickman’s health, mana, and damage using coins.
  • Dungeon: This area allows players to select their preferred game mode.

Additionally, the game features boosters that can be purchased to accelerate coin accumulation, experience gains, or reduce timers, particularly useful when farming gear from bosses.

“One Gun: Stickman” combines action-packed shooting with strategic RPG elements and a touch of humor through its unique storyline and character dynamics, offering an immersive and continuously evolving gameplay experience.


One Gun Stickman is developed by Erow Dev.

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How to Play:

  • PC:
    • WASD – character movement.
    • Left mouse button – attack
    • Q – change the gun
    • 1,2,3 keys- abilities (they must be unlocked as you progress through the game)
  • Mobile version:
    • Arrows – character movement.
    • Aim button – attack