On the Road

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On the Road

On the Road is an 8-bit adventure game inspired by NES. Everything is optional, if you wish, you can go straight to boss lair and try to defeat him, or explore the game world and gather power-ups.

Author: Crepecroop

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


F4 = Fullscreen toggle

– Gamepad:

Left Stick/D-Pad = Move
A = Dodge/Roll
B = Heal
X = Attack
Y = Place and activate bombs (Once you unlock them)
RT = Shoot
Menu = Pause

– Mouse and Keyboard:

W/A/S/D = Move
Spacebar = Dodge/Roll
Shift = Heal
Left mouse button = Attack
E = Place and activate Bombs (Once you unlock them)
Right mouse button = Shoot
Enter = Pause