Olly the Paw
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Olly the Paw


Welcome to Olly the Paw, a charming casual game that invites you to embark on an adorable adventure as a cute bear on a mission to repair an airplane! Dive into a heartwarming journey where you’ll piece together the aircraft bit by bit, all while exploring delightful environments and meeting charming characters along the way.

To restore the airplane to its former glory, you’ll need to earn enough coins to unlock various areas and locate the lost manuals. Start your quest by gathering apples from the trees, which you can sell to the rich reindeer for money. As you progress, expand your offerings by selling a variety of fruits and food items like blueberries and honey. Additionally, provide materials to the Panda chef to receive delightful desserts that fetch a good price.

Sharpen your skills at the mole’s place and seek assistance from the lovely foxes if needed. Each interaction and task brings you closer to your goal of gathering all the pieces and mending the airplane back together. But beware of challenges and obstacles along the way!

Can you guide Olly the Paw through this heartwarming journey and successfully repair the airplane? With determination, resourcefulness, and a little help from your furry friends, anything is possible in this enchanting world. Let the adventure begin!

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