Olive’s Art-Venture
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Olive’s Art-Venture


Use the power of art and magic to cast spells to help Olive get to the to of the tower.

Use the paper on the right side of the screen

to draw shapes which then cast spells, damaging enemies and protecting you.

Every level introduces a new enemy as you attempt to make your way to the top floor and

kick whoever’s butt built this crazy place!


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Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Left Mouse Click – Draw on paper / Cast spell / Select option / Interact
  • W – Move Up
  • A – Move Left
  • S – Move Down
  • D – Move Right


  • ESCAPE – Pause the game and change settings.
  • UP ARROW – Move Up
  • LEFT ARROW – Move Left
  • DOWN ARROW – Move Down
  • RIGHT ARROW – Move Right
  • P – Pause the game and change settings.