Oak Defenders

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Oak Defenders

Keep the oak tree alive as long as possible in this strategy defense game.

You play as Gobby the tree goblin. You are endowed with the position of the almighty Oak Defender. You must protect the mighty enchanted oak from the surrounding forest creatures. You must keep the tree alive or it will die and the forest will become corrupted.


  • Director & Lead Designer, Developer: Joonatan Siponen
  • Developer, Designer: Barret Vasilchik
  • Composer, Sound Designer, (comedy relief): Christoph Jakob
  • Pixel Artist, Animator, Logo Designer: Lucas Mendes Zoglio

How to Play:

Move: WASD / Arrow keys
Shoot: Left mouse button / ‘X’ Key
Interact: Space
Switch tower type: ‘S’ Key / Down arrow key
Exit: Escape
Restart: ‘R’ Key
Toggle fullscreen: F11