Noob Survival: In Search of Adventures
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Noob Survival: In Search of Adventures

Noob has embarked on an adventure in a distant land! Explore vast terrain, mine valuable resources, cultivate farms, locate hidden treasures, fulfill quests for rewards, demolish everything with dynamite, construct impressive structures, plunder dungeons, and battle monsters – all of these experiences await you here!

Features of the game:

  • Massive procedurally generated world to explore
  • Innovative quest system
  • Three distinct biomes with their own resources
  • Numerous treasure-filled dungeons
  • Unique combat system that includes weapons and armor
  • Varied assortment of monsters to encounter
  • Wide selection of blocks and a user-friendly building system.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • For PC:
    • WASD\Arrows – Move
    • LCM – Block Destruction
    • PCM – Put a block
    • When Shift is clamped – Working with the back layer
    • E – Inventory
  • For mobile:
    • Left Joystick – Move
    • Right Joystick – Block Destruction
    • Tap on the screen in an empty place – Put a block