Noob Miner: Journey to the Planets
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Noob Miner: Journey to the Planets


Noob Miner, a character from Minecraft, is seeking a break from his usual adventures in the perilous, enemy-filled square caves. He’s set his sights on an exhilarating space journey to explore other planets, with his chickens in tow as helpers. However, he needs your assistance to gather resources and construct a rocket for his cosmic expedition.

In this game, you’ll help Noob Miner by mining various resources like gold, coal, and diamonds. These materials are crucial for upgrading Noob and his helpers, as well as for building the necessary transportation, including the rocket itself. You’ll navigate through the process of gathering supplies, managing resources, and crafting the tools and vehicles needed for space exploration.

Your role is vital in helping Noob Miner escape the monotony of his underground battles and take on the grand challenge of discovering new worlds. Join him in this adventure to transform his dreams of space travel into reality.

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