Noob Against Everyone 3D
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Noob Against Everyone 3D

Dive into the action with this thrilling first-person shooter game that brings you into the heart of a dynamic 3D battle arena. As you progress, you’ll engage in intense combat scenarios where you can choose to fight with bare hands or arm yourself with a variety of weapons. Manage your resources carefully, collecting ammo and replenishing your health to stay in the fight. Be prepared for the challenge to intensify as the number of enemies increases, making each level progressively more difficult.


  • Put your sharpshooting skills to the test in “Sniper Defense” mode, where you’re tasked with defending your tower from waves of enemies approaching from multiple directions. Quick reflexes and pinpoint accuracy are crucial as you identify and neutralize threats before they can overrun your position.

Engage in this immersive shooter experience, perfect your strategies, and climb the ranks by overcoming diverse challenges and completing quick tasks to earn bonuses. Whether you’re defending your tower or clearing areas of hostile forces, this game promises intense action and relentless excitement.

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