Ninjas vs Mafia
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Ninjas vs Mafia


Short ninjas have overrun the town. Kick them out! Select exquisite fighting moves to deliver brutal blows to your little opponents.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Attack Power: Your attack power is based on the combination of damage from your attack stat and your weapon.

Defensive Power: Your defensive power is based on the combination of your defense skill and what gear you are wearing.

Speed: Your speed determines what order you get to attack while in battle. In one round every character gets one attack, so the person with the fastest speed gets to attack first, and the person with the slowest speed attacks last. Once everyone gets to attack once, then the next round begins, and like before, the person with the fastest speed gets to go first.

Charisma: Charisma can play a big part in the way you approach combat. The higher your charisma, the less likely you will take damage from enemies when you have additional entourage members with you. Charisma will not have an effect on the amount of damage you take if you are battling alone. So for example, if you have charisma twice as high as a fellow entourage member, that your fellow entourage member is going to feel the brunt of any attack, taking double the damage. That helps you because your character then is shielded from most damage. That’s a good thing because your entourage members can die in combat, and you can still continue on, however if you kick the bucket, then you have to start over at the last location you were at.

Leveling up can be used strategically to help you fight your way through each location. When you level up, your health goes back up, so you don’t have to use a Health Bar. In addition, leveling up improves your stats as well. Make sure you go back and check your STATS when you level up, so that you can assign points to your various abilities.

Each character in the game has a special attack. These special attacks can do additional damage, increase your stats, decrease an enemy stats, or some other unique effect. Special attacks often times have a lasting effect for several rounds. The one downside to special attacks is that it takes time to recharge them. So use some strategy in determining when to break out your special attacks.

The greater the accuracy, the more likely you won’t swing and miss when in combat. Which is always embarassing. Because you attack all active enemies at once, it is possible that you hit one enemy, but miss the other, based on each character’s stat.

Each weapon has a critical hit rating, so there is always a percentage chance that a particular blow will do an extra 50% damage.

Each battle you fight is turn based, so you get as much time as you need to plan your move when it’s your turn. When you do attack, you will attack any “active enemy”. An “active enemy” is one that is shown on screen, and only two enemies can ever be active in combat at once. Thus if there is a 3rd enemy waiting in the wings, he won’t engage in combat until one of the other two active enemies dies.

You can bring 2 entourage members with you in battle. One will always be active, while another one will wait in the wings. You can actively switch out which member to use in battle, though when you do, it counts as a turn. Certain entourage members have great strength, others have strong defenses, so knowing which entourage member to use in battle is the key to winning in the long run. A defeated entourage member will become unusable in combat for the duration you are in the location. Once you leave a location, all entourage members that have died in combat are revived and are full health.

If you are defeated in battle, you will be sent back to the main map, thus losing all progress you made through a particular location. In addition, you will suffer some losses with experience and loot. Thus if you notice that your health is getting low, you may either want to use a Health Bar, bring in an entourage member who can help shield you from most damage, or simply retreat. If an entourage member is defeated, that entourage member cannot be used again until you either defeat the end boss or you leave the locatation. You can continue to battle on through the location as long as your main character lives.

Most items can be bought in the Inventory menu. Certain items can only be initially acquired by looting defeating enemies. As an example, you can’t buy a Hot Tub until you find the initial one by defeating an enemy. Once you do acquire it from looting, you can then buy it ongoing in your Inventory menu. Some items are stackable, which means that you can carry up to 5 in battle. However, with each additional item you stack, it becomes more costly, so avoid buying too many items if you don’t need them. It only drains your cash.

Weapons can cause variable additional damage, so it’s important to constantly upgrade which weapon you are using. You’ll notice that some weapons you can’t buy initially in your Inventory menu. You have to loot them in battle. Once acquired, you can then upgrade them to increase their power. Upgrades require you to be a certain level first, and can be costly the more you upgrade.

What you wear can significantly affect your stats, thus improving your chances of surviving in combat. You begin the game with basic gear, which can be upgraded over time as you level up.

Victory is that much sweeter when you loot your downed foes. You’ll get the typical cash rewards, however, the real bonus is that every now and then, an enemy will drop special loot, or even a Pop Rox. These special items can either be items you use, or can be used to recruit entourage membets. Most special items have a percentage chance of dropping from a specific enemy. So sometimes you have to come back and fight an enemy several times to see if they have special items that didn’t drop the first time. Once a special item is dropped, it will not drop again.

What’s more valuable than cash? Pop Rox. These rare round gems are so prized that various characters in the game would be willing to join your entourage and go into battle with you if you present Pop Rox to them. You can acquire Pop Rox in battle, and they come in different colors. The blue ones are more common. Good luck finding the rare black and silver ones. Rare Pop Rox only drop a percentage of the time, so if you didn’t find one battling certain enemies, you can always go back and battle them again, and next time, they might drop it. Once a Pop Rox is dropped, that enemy will not drop it again in the future.

You gain experience by battling enemies. Oh, and of course you have to win. If you have entourage members with you, the pool of experience gained goes up, but each of you will earn a bit let each since it’s shared. Since you can have backup entourage members, if they at least participate in battle, then will gain some experience.

To win in battle, you have to build an entourage of support characters who can fight along side you. To convince anyone to join you, you have to bring certain things to each character, which can be a combination of unique items, Pop Rox, and cash. Certain entourage members also won’t respect and join you unless you are a certain level as well. Once you are able to recruit an entourage member, you can check out their stats. You’ll notice that each character has unique stats, special attacks, and such, so when going into battle, plan ahead which character you want to bring with you. Entourage members can level up as well, so you’ll want to determine whether you level up a few characters, or switch around to which ever one you like to use best.

Ninjas vs Mafia is a online Strategy Game you can play for free in full screen at KBH Games. Easily play Ninjas vs Mafia on the web browser without downloading. Hope the game will bring a little joy into your daily life.