Ninja Plumber
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Ninja Plumber


Ninja Plumber is a thrilling retro-style vertical platformer where you assume the role of a skilled plumber. Drawing inspiration from the iconic classic game Super Mario, this polished clone is now available at Embark on an exciting journey where you must run, jump, and battle your foes while acquiring ninja abilities.

Plumbers are real-life heroes who fearlessly tackle tasks that few are willing to undertake. However, this isn’t just any ordinary plumber, as he has a remarkable adventure ahead of him. Eat mushrooms to grow and unlock your ninja powers. Use your shuriken to defeat your enemies or simply jump on them. Enjoy Ninja Plumber online and free of charge!

Can you successfully complete all 15 levels and defeat the ultimate boss at the end?

Made by jmnet, check out more of his games on codecanyon.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Arrows = move / crouch
  • Z = jump
  • X = throw shuriken