Mr. Stickman and the Bullet
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Mr. Stickman and the Bullet

Mr. Stickman and the Bullet is a physics-based shooter where immerses you in a world that your sharpshooting skills are your greatest asset. Each level is designed not only to test your accuracy but also to challenge your problem-solving abilities through intricate physics puzzles.

As Agent Stickman, you are on a mission to eliminate the bad guys and establish yourself as the top spy in the stick world. To navigate through the game, you’ll need to creatively use the environment around you. Everything from walls and boxes to chains, ropes, and explosive barrels can be instrumental in overcoming the obstacles and enemies you face.

The game is structured around various levels, each offering unique challenges that require both precision shooting and clever strategy. Successfully completing these levels earns you coins, which can be used to enhance and personalize the appearance of your character, adding a fun and rewarding element to your progress.

“Mr. Stickman and the Bullet” offers different game modes, each presenting new scenarios and puzzles. Whether you’re escaping from tight spots or using your environment to take out a group of enemies, the game keeps you engaged with its dynamic gameplay and interactive puzzles.

Step into the shoes of Agent Stickman, utilize your array of weapons, and demonstrate your shooting prowess and tactical intelligence. It’s time to defeat the villains and prove that you are the most formidable spy in the stickman universe. Get ready for an adventure filled with action, strategy, and endless fun!


Mr. Stickman and the Bullet is developed by Peachhouse.

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