Merge Rush Z
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Merge Rush Z

Merge Rush Z offers an exhilarating blend of zombie shooting and strategic weapon merging, where players lead a lethal girl squad in a relentless battle against the undead. This game combines intense action with adorable, yet deadly characters to deliver a unique gaming experience.

Engaging Gameplay

At its core, Merge Rush Z features simple, addictive gameplay mechanics centered around merging increasingly powerful guns to optimize your firepower. The action is continuous, with the ability to control your fire by simply tapping the screen, ensuring that you never run out of ammunition. This creates a satisfying experience as you blast through waves of zombies, each with distinct sizes, speeds, and abilities, including challenging bosses.

Charming yet Fierce Characters

The game features an ensemble of endearing characters, each equipped with their own deadly weapons and items. Despite their cute appearances, these characters bring great power and tactical depth to the gameplay. Similarly, the zombies, while appearing harmless, possess unique abilities that can surprise unsuspecting players.

Continuous Engagement

One of the standout features of Merge Rush Z is its ability to keep players engaged even when they are not actively playing. The squad continues to fend off zombies and earn coins even while you’re offline, ensuring that the action never stops. Daily rewards further incentivize players to engage regularly with the game, offering missions, lucky draws, and free loot crates that enhance the gaming experience.


Merge Rush Z is developed by Potato Play.

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