Merge Cars: Sky Racing
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Merge Cars: Sky Racing


Merge Cars: Sky Racing is an electrifying arcade game that seamlessly blends the excitement of car merging with the thrill of high-speed racing. Your objective is simple: merge cars strategically to outpace your competitors and claim victory by reaching the finish line first!

In the heart-pounding racing arena, the key to success lies in your ability to merge cars, creating a fleet of powerful and lightning-fast vehicles ready to dominate the competition. The more skillfully you merge, the faster and more formidable your rides become, enhancing your chances of securing the coveted top spot.

However, the race to victory is not without its challenges. Navigate through a myriad of hazards and obstacles scattered across the track, adding an extra layer of complexity to the game. Take advantage of the unique feature that allows you to defy gravity, propelling your merged creations off the track and strategically landing in front of your opponents. It’s a risk-and-reward scenario – choose your moments wisely, as a single wrong turn could send you plummeting to the back of the pack.


Merge Cars: Sky Racing is developed by Supernova GGames.

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