Meaty Mayhem
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Meaty Mayhem

“Meaty Mayhem” is an action-packed platformer game set on a beautiful sunny day that takes an unexpected turn. You’re all set to enjoy a delicious, juicy steak when, out of nowhere, an evil wizard swoops in and steals your meat! Yes, really!

Your Mission: You’re not just going to sit back and let your steak get away that easily. Your mission is to chase down the wizard across three different worlds, each filled with unique challenges and enemies. Your goal is clear: retrieve “The Meat” and teach that meat-stealing wizard a lesson he won’t forget. It’s time to jump, dodge, and battle your way through each exciting level to get your steak back and deliver some well-deserved justice to that pesky wizard. Get ready for a sizzling adventure in “Meaty Mayhem”!

Made by BakethedBean. Download for PC or MacOS on Itch

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