Mars Colonies

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Mars Colonies

Build the most successful colonies on Mars. With Science!

How to Play:

-Speed up the game with [F] key.

-Review how much energy and water a building needs in pop-up menu when you move cursor on building icon. After placing a new building you need to connect it with energy or water if building need any; make sure to connect power lines and water tubes to the right places on the South-West side of a building. If a building don’t have water/energy, the warning icon will appear.

– Hire new colonists via HIRE button on the bottom-center of the screen. Colonists need food and oxygen.

– Review colonist’s needs in the bottom-right corner by clicking on him. You can change the name or fire the colonist.

-Set up jobs for each colonist at JOBS window. It’s not necessarily, but can make your colony and colonists more effective.

– Order resources at ORDER window. Helpful when you lack of oxygen or food.

-Cancel build mode by pressing ESC.

-Rename your colonists by pressing on their names.