Mai-Chan Sweet Buns

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Mai-Chan Sweet Buns

Mai-Chan Sweet Buns is a cute puzzle game about delicious pastries. Help cute Mai-Chan serve fresh baked sweet buns to the customer at her bakery shop.

The game was written and designed by Krystian Majewski, an Independent Developer and the host of the Lazy Devs Academy video channel.

How to Play:

Arrow keys – Move Cursor
X or M or V – (X) Button. Confirm. Serve pastry.
Z or N or C – (O) Button. Cancel. Turn cursor.

The 4 cards at the bottom of the screen represent the orders of the customers. Our task is to find and select a line of pastries on the board that matches one of the cards. We can select vertical or horizontal lines. But it needs to be an uniterrupted line of the same pastry

We can only serve lines of pastries that perfectly match one of the cards. If we ever get stuck, we can look into the Star Box to activate special powers. Special powers cost stars. We can gain more stars by aligning 4 of the same pastry in a row.

We lose the game if we get stuck and run out of stars. But if we manage to serve all of the order cards in the deck, we win