Mad City: Joker 2
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Mad City: Joker 2


GTA: Joker is a 3D shooting game that draws inspiration from the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the popular Joker movie. Take on the role of a rebel in a vast open world, completing missions and earning money to purchase various weapons to ensure your survival.

Experience a crime-ridden city filled with cool cars, illegal activities, and frequent clashes with the police. Explore the clean, prosperous side of the city with towering skyscrapers, a bustling harbor, and a sunny boardwalk, but also venture into the poorer parts of town with rundown houses, junkyards, and wastelands that bring the game closer to real life. Expect to engage in gunfights, car chases, thefts, police battles, and weapon and ammo purchases.

The Joker’s storyline is intriguing and entertaining, with a wide range of cars, guns, boats, and motorcycles to choose from. The open world is teeming with activities, including thefts, explosions, and other events. Enjoy the game to the fullest and good luck!

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