Lunar Station
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Lunar Station


A terrifying Darkness is at your doorstep.

Trapped inside the Lunar Station, you must run for your life.

Features a very tense and atmospheric blend of Sci-Fi horror and Sokoban-esque puzzling as you try to clear a way for you to escape the darkness that’s pursuing you.


Escape From the Darkness
Something odd and mysterious has happened in Lunar Station 0112B2. You happen to be caught in the midst of all the chaos, and must now find your way out before it’s too late.

Solve Puzzles to Progress
The oddity has disrupted the station’s mechanisms, and parts of it are now consumed or blocked. Remove the obstacles in your path to get to the exit as quickly as you can, before the Darkness catches up with you.

Atmospheric Sound
Immerse yourself with the electric shuddering of the empty station, and hear the voices as though they were right behind you.
Headphones are highly recommended.

Audio Reacts to the Player
Experience fear. The closer you are to the darkness, the more intense it becomes.

Autosave Between levels
The game saves progress between each level. Helpful when you want to come back at a later time or refresh the page if something happened.

Developed by Sheeproid, EK-Productions, Vizalot.

How to Play:

Move – Arrow Keys (Press two keys at the same time to move diagonally)
Pause – ‘P’ or ‘ESC’
Restart the level – ‘R’
Interact – Hold ‘Z’
Save – See “Autosave between levels”