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LUMA+ is laser based sliding puzzle game where the goal is to connect lasers to targets of same color by using mirrors to deflect the beam. Activate the lasers using batteries. Each level must be solved within a specific amount of moves.

The game has 128 fun and challenging levels!

Can you make it to the end? :)

Luma+ is a Windows port of the amazing game Luma, made by Shallan for the C64.


Code by zooperdan
Graphics by zooperdan
Sound by zooperdan
Menu and ingame music by No-XS (Original songs by RichmondMike)
End game music by zooperdan (Original song by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter)
Original concept by Shallan

Testing and Balance by Chiswicked, Colt45Rpm, MrG8472, Stepz, OldSkoolCoder

Level Design by Airjuri, Akmafin, Amok, Chiswicked, Eldritch, Furroy, MrG8472, OldSkoolCoder, Phaze101, RichmondMike, Shallan, SpritHund, Stepz, Void, Waulok, WizardNJ, zooperdan

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Use mouse to select and move game objects.

ESCAPE = Return to main menu
SPACE = Restart level
ARROWS = Move selected object
MOUSEWHEEL = Adjust field of view (for ultra wide-screen monitors)