Lawn Mower City
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Lawn Mower City


You had been hired to mow the entire city that had overgrown grass and weeds.

You control a lawnmower and need to cut all the grass and plants in the city. You have to be beware not to crash into traffic or get shot.

The game has 30 levels to complete. It has a colorful voxel graphic art style. The soundtrack was originally made for this game. The game can be played with only the arrows or gamepad.

Your time gets recorded so you can try to beat your own best time. Every level has 3 stars shattered around the level to collect. You can choose new lawnmowers based on the number of stars you have collected.

The levels are varied with different obstacles like traffic, turrets, trains, and shooting tanks. Later levels will be bigger and will contain more buildings and enemies.


Just Have Fun!