Lab Escape
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Lab Escape

You have to escape, and fast!

Velocio is a poor slime that was kept in a laboratory for years by scientists. But today is the day they finally get out of here! If they can outrun the security system that is…

In each level, you have one second to reach the exit before being shot down by the security system’s laser.

The game has 58 levels. There is a special ending if you beat the game dying 10 times or less.


Nicolas Noël – Game design, code, sound
Eva Abollivier – Game design, art

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Mouse : Point and Click
Controller : Left stick
Keyboard : WASD / Arrows
Mouse Wheel : Change mouse sensitivity
Escape : Press once to get back control of cursor, twice to quit the game
Shift + F : Toggle Fullscreen
M : Toggle Mute
D + L : Delete save file