Kobolm Rescue
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Kobolm Rescue


“Kobolm Rescue” is an engaging management game where players take on the role of a heroic crew of adventurers dedicated to rescuing and caring for adorable creatures known as Kobolms. These charming beings find refuge in caves, and your mission is to build them a new home on a serene beachside setting.

As you embark on this noble quest, you’ll explore the vibrant island to locate sleeping Kobolms. Once found, you can interact with these creatures by clicking on them and then on various objects to assign them tasks and missions. The gameplay is intuitive, with simple clicks on the ground allowing you to design and plan out beautiful buildings and amenities for your new friends.

Resource gathering is a key element of “Kobolm Rescue.” Collect a wide variety of materials scattered around the island to construct essential items like beds for resting, grills for cooking, and tables for crafting medicine. Moreover, you can enhance the island’s charm and increase its score by creating guitars, sculptures, and libraries, adding both functionality and flair to the Kobolms’ habitat.

However, the adventure comes with its challenges. It’s crucial to manage your Kobolms wisely, ensuring they return to the safety of the beach before nightfall. Failing to do so might result in injuries or starvation, impacting their efficiency the following day. This adds a strategic layer to the game, where player decisions directly affect the well-being and productivity of the Kobolms.

Enjoy the delightful and immersive world of “Kobolm Rescue” where strategy, creativity, and compassion come together in a fun-filled simulation experience. Dive into this enchanting adventure, explore the island, and save all the Kobolms!

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