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Description is an online first-person shooter game with a voxelated art style that offers a range of battle locations and game modes, including teams, solo, and parkour mode. Once you select a game mode, you can customize your weapons loadout to fit your playing style.

Game Modes:

The game over 4 exiting game modes:

  • Point: In this game mode, players are divided into teams of four and must collect points from the green flag. The team with the highest total points, which is the sum of each team member’s points, wins.
  • Solo: In this mode, every player competes against each other, and the top three players with the most points at the end of the round are declared the winners.
  • Team: Players are divided into teams of four and must eliminate all players on the opposing team. The team with the most team points, which is the sum of each team member’s kills, wins.
  • Parkour: Parkour is a single-player game mode where the objective is to navigate the map and reach the flag as quickly as possible.


In your inventory, you can select your character and weapons loadout. Use gold to buy chests and add more weapons and unique skins to your inventory.
Daily quests and leaderboards: offers plenty of rewards to maintain your loyalty to the game. High scorers are listed on the leaderboards and receive chests full of surprises. You can also earn gold by completing daily quests, which can be used to purchase chests of varying rarities.


Bayonet50901005.94 blocks/s0sInf
Shark16181005.4 blocks/s1s10
MAC-1011151005.28 blocks/s1.5s30
WeatieUnknownUnknown1004.8 blocks/s1s7
M6018201504.5 blocks/s2.5s60
LAR20241004.98 blocks/s1.5s25
SCAR17221005.10 blocks/s1.5s25
AR-914171005.28 blocks/s1.5s30
Revolver1 hit killing
Vita60120454.8 blocks/s1.7s5
  • Bayonet: A melee weapon that can one-hit-kill in the head.
  • Shark: A medium fire-rate pistol with 10 rounds in a magazine and a 1-second reload time.
  • MAC-10: A powerful SMG with a fast fire-rate, 30 rounds in a magazine, and a 1.5-second reload time.
  • Weatie: A powerful shotgun with a fast fire-rate, 7 rounds in a magazine, and a 1-second reload time. It is also easy to get headshots with.
  • M60: A powerful weapon with a fast fire-rate and 60 rounds in a magazine. It takes 2.5 seconds to reload.
  • LAR: An Assault Rifle with a decent fire-rate, high damage rate, and 25 bullets in a magazine. It takes 1.5 seconds to reload.
  • SCAR: An unlockable weapon that can be obtained at level 20. It has a medium fire-rate, good damage, 25 bullets in a magazine, and a 1.5-second reload time.
  • AR-9: A weapon with a very fast fire-rate, decent damage, 30 rounds in a magazine, and a 1.5-second reload time.
  • VITA: A popular weapon in Kirka with a slow fire-rate but high damage. It has 5 bullets in a magazine and a 1.7-second reload time. It takes one shot to the head to kill an opponent.
  • Revolver: A shark-based pistol with low ammo but higher damage. It is based on the colt python.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD = move
  • Space = jump
  • P / Esc = open the Change Weapon menu
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Right-click = aim
  • Shift = crouch
  • E = dash
  • 1, 2, 3 = switch weapons is a Fps Game you can play online for free in full screen at KBH Games. No download or installation needed to play this game. Hope this game bring a little joy into your daily life.