King Land
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King Land

In “King Land,” you take on the role of a king in charge of building and managing a thriving city for your citizens. The game falls into the hypercasual arcade genre, providing a simple yet engaging gameplay experience.

Your main objective is to attract residents to your city. By providing them with essential facilities and amenities, you can create a vibrant and prosperous community. Construct farms to ensure a steady supply of food, build a bank to manage the kingdom’s finances, and set up shops to meet the needs of your citizens.

As you progress in the game, your city will constantly evolve and develop. Expand your infrastructure, improve existing buildings, and unlock new features to enhance the quality of life for your residents. Keep an eye on the needs and desires of your citizens to ensure their happiness and satisfaction.

“King Land” offers a single-level gameplay experience where you can focus on the continuous growth and development of your city. As you build and expand, you’ll face new challenges and opportunities to make your kingdom flourish.

Enjoy the addictive nature of the game as you strive to create a thriving city for your citizens. Embrace the role of a king and let your strategic decisions shape the destiny of your kingdom in “King Land.”


King Land is developed by White Light Company.

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