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Something sinister happens in Saint Bernard, a place completely insulated by the hand of God, where the evil of society abounds and hope for peace has been lost.

The darkness of the night is so deep that it would be difficult to illuminate it, only that person who has faith and hope can discover the truth and will reach the end of the trail. Where the stories of paranormal entities are more than just stories.

Support me

I’m a solo developer working on my free time in my “Insulation” project. This is a free game for anyone to enjoy, and if you want to make a donation to support my work it will be of great help to me. If you’d like to support me financially, consider leaving a donation in PayPal. It would also be helpful if you consider sharing the game with your friends and family.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Install instructions

1. Extract ‘Insulation.rar’

2. Open the folder and launch ‘Insulation.exe’

3. Enjoy