Insane Snowboarding

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Insane Snowboarding

Do you have what it takes to face this insane challenge? Go down a mountain on a snowboard while dodging trucks, trees, wild animals and even UFOs!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Hold down your left mouse button and slide it to the sides to control the character.

Here are some tips to get really high scores!

– Don’t slow down! The score multiplier raises according to your speed.

– Stars give you a nice number of points. It’s a good idea to get the most you can, but try not to turn too much or your speed will drop.

– When a UFO starts chasing you, prioritize your speed instead of getting stars. They won’t be of any use when you’re abducted.

– Items that slow you down like bushes and rocks may activate the UFO when you go through them.

Available on tablet and smartphone: Apple iOS.