Imposter 3D Online
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Imposter 3D Online

Embark on a thrilling mission to save the mini-crewmates from the clutches of the traitor, whether in single-player or online multiplayer mode. Immerse yourself in the horror-filled world of “Imposter 3D: Online Horror” and choose from a variety of game modes to play with friends or other players worldwide.

Challenge your detective skills in “Mafia” mode, where up to 10 players, including an impostor, must identify and expose the traitor among them. Engage in intense battles in “PvP” mode, where spacemen face off against impostors. Team up with friends to battle against a computer-controlled impostor in “PvE” mode. Experience the thrilling “Zombie” mode, where being caught by the imposter turns you into one of them. And for a nerve-wracking test of stealth, try “Hide and Seek” mode, where your goal is to outlast the round as an astronaut.

Whether you choose to collect the mini-crewmates or focus on survival, “Imposter 3D: Online Horror” offers a variety of exciting gameplay experiences for players to enjoy offline or in online multiplayer, including the ability to create custom rooms and play with friends. Can you outwit the impostor and save the day? Join the adventure now!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • For the imposter and crewmate:
    • WASD keys – player control.
    • Mouse – camera rotation
    • “TAB – hide/show cursor
    • Space – to jump
  • Playing as an crewmate:
    • “E” – use.
    • “F” – turn on/off flashlight
    • “G” – throw batteries (only online)
    • “R” – to use batteries (restore flashlight charge)
    • Playing as an imposter:
    • “R” – use shout.
    • “E” – use, to catch the player, to hide in the vent
  • In Mafia mode for the imposter:
    • “2” – turn into an imposter