Imperium 2
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Imperium 2

A massive resource management style game, build and balance your empire. Manage your citizens and order your soldiers!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Mouse: Everything
Make some Buildings by selecting and placing them.
Once you have some soldiers you can order war, you can also move resources to another city and trade (import and export)
-In War Mode
You can order your soldiers to attack the enemy area, by clicking the type of unit you wish to send out.
– You will win the game if you have conquered all of the 96 areas. Good Luck..
House: a Place to live and increase population.
Lumber mill: Increase wood.
Farm: Produce food.
Market: Trade and move resources to other villages.
Iron Mine: Produce iron.
Blacksmith: Make new weapons.
Barrack: Train troops, form war troops.
Brickyard: Produce clay and clay products.
Horse Stable: Breed horses, form horse forces.
Catapult Factory: Make catapults.
Embassy, the ambassador’s office, you can export or import to other areas from here.
Academy: Research new things to develop better war utility units.
Palace: The Kind and Queen live here, and can produce more workers.

In war mode you can have 6 types of soldiers: