Horse with a Human Mask on a Tightrope
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Horse with a Human Mask on a Tightrope


Play as a horse that recently got fired that need to find a new job, so he pretend to be a human with a mask. He is now literally on a tight rope trying not to be discovered.


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How to Play:

On tightrope:

  • A/D – Lean left and right while walking forwards on the tightrope
  • Hold W/Mouse left – Crouch on the tightrope to charge up a jump
  • Release W/Mouse left – Jump into air
  • R – Quick reset

While jumping:

  • Aim with mouse
  • Attack with left mouse button
  • Sword dashes forward
  • Gun propels you backwards
  • When you land you will have regained balance, standing perfectly upright.