Hippy Skate
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Hippy Skate

Simple two-button controls. Pass level when you collect every peace sign. Beat your best time or go for achievements! Tap space to push, Hold down arrow to crouch. Release down arrow to Ollie. Hold space while Ollieing to kickflip. Hold down arrow above rails to land on them and grind. Smiley faces can only be captured with a kickflip.

This game is very much about getting the rhythm in order to beat some of the advanced levels. The mechanic allows you to gain a good boost of speed by holding the down arrow while rolling downhill. Also, this mechanic allows you to gain a great deal of speed by holding crouch (down arrow) while rolling through a group of small bumps in a row. However, there is a cooldown on crouching so you can not hold crouch for too long or you will slow to a stop.

all uphill will slow you a bit so in some cases it will be in your best interest to try to air over the up before using it launch.

Developed by Nathan Sisler and Konstantin Pogorelov of EddyGames.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Read the instructions at the beginning of the game.

Must pass tutorials to start game.