Hills Of Steel
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Hills Of Steel

Hills Of Steel is a dynamic action shooter game that puts you in command of a powerful tank, thrusting you into thrilling battles across rugged terrains. As you race through hilled battlefields, your mission is to overpower a variety of enemies using your strategic skills and firepower.

In this high-octane game, a vast arsenal of tanks, mechs, and robots awaits, each unlockable and customizable to enhance your combat abilities. As you progress, you can equip your tank with formidable Boosters like mines to damage unsuspecting foes, force shields for defense, and rocket strikes for devastating aerial attacks. These enhancements are key to transforming your tank into an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

The game offers more than just frontal assaults; you’ll need to strategically collect loot from defeated enemies to fuel your advancements. This loot allows you to upgrade your vehicle, outfitting it with superior weaponry and special equipment, making each tank uniquely yours.

As you advance from one level to the next, the challenges grow, taking you from earthly battlefields to the futuristic landscapes of the Moon. Each victory not only brings greater glory but also opportunities to prove your prowess in increasingly tough tank battles.

Whether you’re battling to climb the ranks or striving to become the ultimate war marshal, “Hills of Steel” offers a captivating blend of strategy, action, and continuous excitement. Are you ready to build the ultimate tank and claim victory in the Hills of Steel?

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Move: use the A and D keys or the Arrow keys to drive your tank!
  • Shoot: use the spacebar to shoot!
  • Repair: press the B button to repair your tank!