Hex Electric
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Hex Electric

Hexelectric is an amazing puzzle game where you become a space mechanic trying to repair the broken panels. Use your our excellent insight and intelligence to solve all the puzzles. You can also found it on Steam.

This puzzle game developed by Wayway Studio.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

1. Rotate Hex-tiles(with emitted corners) by right/left click.(right click: clockwise, left click: anti-clockwise)
2. These emitted corners Supply 1 Energy to its closest ‘Target Tiles’ with a circle and ring(Target Tiles).
3. Each section of the ring is lit up when its supplied with energy.
4. If all section of the ring is lit up the Target Tile is complete and will be lit up too.
5. If it is supplied with more energy than it needs it will be lit up in RED.
6. Anchor Tiles are Target Tiles with Energy.
7. Anchor Tiles have to be complete to be rotatable.
8. Gear Tiles are tile groups that rotate together.
9. But incomplete Anchor Tiles with Gear will not rotate together.