Help The Boy Hero
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Help The Boy Hero


Embark on an epic journey alongside a courageous young boy as he battles villains and overcomes adversities to save the world.

Join forces with your avatar and explore captivating and perilous destinations, including outer space, the past, and breathtaking locations across the planet.

The fate of our hero’s mission rests in your hands, as your decisions shape his destiny in this immersive game.

Experience a truly choice-driven adventure where every decision you make holds significant weight.

Forge your path as you venture forth, transforming into a true superhero.

Customize your hero with an array of costumes and masks, each adding a unique flair to your character.

Challenge your mind with intricate puzzles, testing your intellect and intuition.

Remember, the journey to greatness begins with small steps, and your first step is to download Help The Hero and embark on the path of glory!

Utilize the left mouse button to make crucial choices that will determine the hero’s fate.

In-game currency allows you to purchase masks for the Hero, which can be earned through gameplay or rewarded through advertisements.

Your mission is to guide the young Superhero through a series of often illogical decisions, offering your assistance along the way.

The game offers two modes: a narrative format resembling a comic book with decision-making elements, and a puzzle format.

Embark on the superhero’s path together, vanquish villains, and overcome all perils and challenging decisions as a united force!

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