Half Hour Hexagon
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Half Hour Hexagon

Half Hour Hexagon offers a captivating and minimalist survival experience with roguelite elements. Your objective is to survive and defeat waves of enemies on an endless map, striving to reach the 30-minute mark. Earn cash during your runs and wisely spend it on permanent Upgrades that will enhance your abilities and provide new opportunities for future playthroughs.

The game features a diverse array of Weapons, with 5 additional types waiting to be unlocked by overcoming specific enemies across multiple runs. As you progress, you’ll work towards achieving new equipment milestones, each contributing to your arsenal of offensive capabilities.

To aid you in your journey, there are 13 unique Items waiting to be unlocked on top of the initial 5 that are available in your item pool. These milestones represent achievements for you to strive towards, empowering you to venture further into the ever-challenging world of Half Hour Hexagon.

Furthermore, the game offers an extensive list of encountered enemies, allowing you to review their stats and learn more about their characteristics. Studying their strengths and weaknesses will help you devise better strategies to face them in your future endeavors.

Half Hour Hexagon’s minimalist design and rewarding progression system ensure that every run is a thrilling and strategic endeavor. Can you master the art of the Hexagon and survive the relentless onslaught of enemies for 30 minutes? Only time will tell as you uncover the secrets of this intriguing survival game.

The game is also available for on Steam!

Made by Carson Kompon

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