Guardian Sphere
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Guardian Sphere


A shoot ’em up in which you use your life point to buy full of upgrades and make your Guardian strong enough to deal with waves of invaders


Humans have already discovered the Spheres, ultimate energy source, with their power, technology evolves incredibly.

He conquers space and binds alliances with other planets.

In contact with Spheres, some races develop unexplored potentials
They are called guardians.

But one day, the planet is attacked by an unknown species, the guardians choose to attack…


  • Coop local multiplayer 1 – 2
  • 3 level of difficulty
  • 8 characters with their own shots
  • 5 Worlds
  • Several upgrades
  • Boss battle


PIXEL-BOY – Twitter / Tumblr

AAA – Instagram / Tumblr

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

J1 – Move : Arrow / Shoot: Numpad 1 or C / Cancel : Numpad 2 or V
J2 Move : WASD / Shoot : G / Cancel : H
Gamepad supported
Fullscreen : F4