Gods of Defense
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Gods of Defense


Gods of Defense is a procedurally generated map tower defense game where you had been chosen by the Gods to help defend the temple.

Procedurally generated means that every replay the maps are different because is created by a computer algorithm, not by a person.

The corrupted heretic is invading the temple in waves. After every wave you get to banish the enemy gates further from the temple, thus revealing more of the map. You have to banish these gates all the way to the Cave of their origin. The victory is achieved when you have destroyed all the Caves.

The game is still in early stage of development.

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Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD – Pan camera
  • QE – Rotate camera
  • Tab – Cycle through time fast forward
  • Space or P – Pause/Resume game
  • Ctrl+Click to upgrade Towers