Goblins Wood: Lumber Tycoon
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Goblins Wood: Lumber Tycoon

Dive into “Goblins Wood,” an engaging and addictive clicker game that challenges you to build and expand a wood empire. Developed by ProGamesLab and available on kbhgames.com, this game offers a blend of strategy, management, and continuous growth through various levels and challenges.

How to Play:

  • Build Your Wood Empire: Start with a small forest and strategically expand your territory to develop a booming wood tycoon empire.
  • Merge Goblins: Increase your workforce’s efficiency by merging two goblins to create a more powerful one, and continue upgrading to maximize their productivity.
  • Unlock New Territories: As your empire grows, unlock new areas to increase your forest size, hire more goblins, and significantly boost your gold income.
  • Collect Game Cards: Enhance your goblins’ abilities and unlock special resources by collecting a variety of game cards that offer unique upgrades and powers.
  • Solve Puzzles: Implement strategic decisions to advance through the game. Decide whether to merge goblins immediately for quick gains or wait for potentially greater benefits and bonuses.

As you progress through “Goblins Wood,” each new challenge allows you to unlock additional areas and claim rewards that enhance your gameplay experience. The game combines fun and strategy in a continuous cycle of growth and expansion, ensuring the fun never ends. Join the adventure and start building your wood empire today!

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