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GIGABUSTER is a sci-fi action adventure inspired by the Mega Man franchise.

A lot of moves like dashing, dash jumping, wall jumping, dash wall jumping. Along with a grappling hook, free climbing fences, grabbing ceilings, dive kicking, rail grinding, and more!

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Developed by gigawaller.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

Controls for GAMEPAD (highly recommended)
Move: Dpad
Shoot: X
Jump: A
Dash: B or LT
Saber: Y
Bat: RT
Pause: Start
Spawn HP (for testing – no cheating): Select

Controls for KEYBOARD
Confirm on Level Select: Spacebar
Move: Arrow Keys
Dash: Z or LShift
Jump: X
Shoot: C
Saber: V
Bat: D
Pause: ESC
Pause screen change: 1 and 2

Other Controls
Debug info: F2