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Rule any nation and conquer the world in this global turn-based strategy wargame.

Add different players to battle against. They can be human or AI.

This game is very fun if you take the time to learn how to play.

How to play

He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.

Your goal is to conquer all enemies’ provinces in the world. To do this you must occupy enemies’ capitals and all their provinces with coins.

Player’s capital is marked with green wreath and grants 1 Gold to the player every turn and looks like this:

Every action in the game cost Gold. Each turn players acquire Gold from their capitals (when they have one) and provinces with coins.

Player loses a game if all their gold-generating provinces are occupied by an enemy.

To occupy a province you need to have an army and a gold. In any of your provinces you can click a “Recruit” button to recruit all available reserve from a province to your army. Next turn province recruitment reserve will be fully replenished so you can recruit more.  When your army is large enough you can occupy a bordering province (army size must be equal or bigger than province defense).

And that should be enough to start your first game!


Made by Alexander Lutay and Maxim Ivanov.

Special thanks to family and friends.

Just Have Fun!