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Genemon takes genetic modification to another level with the introduction of High-Tech Genegun. It can summon genetically modified creatures with a press of a button. Play as a scientist defending his base in underground arena battles against other monsters approaching him.

Pietro Ferrantelli – Game Design & Programmation @PietroFerrantel
Theophile Loaec (thomaslean) – Character Art & Sound Design @ThomasLean
Augustin Grassin – Environnment Art & UI @AnabirFR

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

To load a some Genemons in your Genegun, just LEFT-CLICK once on a Genemon icon.
Then, if your Genegun contains enough DNA, LEFT CLICK once again on the terrain in oder to spawn it.
In their fierce battle, Genemons sometimes drop some DNA or Fusion Cells.
MOUSE OVER these to collect them in your Genegun.
Finally, if your Genegun contains enough Fusion Cells, trigger a Genevolution by DRAGGING AND DROPPING a Genemon icon onto another and a reveal a new Genemon.
After each round, choose a new enhancement for your Genegun !