Funny Animal Cafe
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Funny Animal Cafe


Welcome to Funny Animal Cafe, the ultimate simulation game where you’ll embark on a delightful journey as a cafe owner. Your mission? To turn your modest cafe into a thriving success story! With your creative flair and business acumen, you’ll personalize every aspect of your cafe, from its decor to its menu offerings.

At the beginning, you’ll have the opportunity to decorate and furnish your cafe according to your unique vision. Choose enticing menus, set the perfect prices, upgrade your kitchen equipment, and create an inviting ambiance that will attract a multitude of customers.

Managing and developing your business is key to satisfying your customers’ needs. Hire competent employees to boost productivity and enhance the quality of service provided. Keep a close eye on customer feedback and adapt accordingly to ensure their utmost satisfaction.

Every day, adorable animals will flock to your cafe, eager to sample your delectable cuisine. It’s up to you to serve them swiftly and efficiently, leaving them with a smile on their faces. Their satisfaction will not only guarantee repeat visits but will also be reflected on your profile, showcasing your growing popularity.

Can you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate cafe owner, winning over the hearts of your customers? The destiny of your cafe awaits you! Step into the enchanting world of Funny Animal Cafe and let the journey to success begin!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Control- WASD / Joystick.
  • Click on an object to open the upgrade menu.
  • Step on the icon on the floor to interact with the object.
  • Pump everything to the maximum and collect all the visitors in the profile.