Foxy Land 2
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Foxy Land 2


Foxy Land 2 is an platformer game where we return to the fox land with more adventure.

Foxy and Jenny purchased a home with their children Tim and Cindy. However, the Wolfie Brothers, Duke and Jax, attacked and destroyed everything, kidnapping Tim and Cindy. Foxy and Jenny must embark on a perilous and thrilling journey around the island to stop their nefarious plan. Foxy cannot do this alone. Play with a friend to gather coins and cherries as you journey to the final confrontation with the Wolfie Brothers. Discover new territories, vanquish foes, evade clever traps, and encounter new inhabitants of the vibrant FoxyLand 2. Are you prepared to embark? Let’s begin the adventure!


Foxy Land 2 is developed by Stickman vs Monster School Team.

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