Flubby Farm

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Flubby Farm

You find yourself in an underwater seascape, starting with nothing but a hand full of cards. They have strange creatures called “Flubbies” on them. Play the cards to create a Flubby.

Likewise, the Flubby starts with nothing – it can’t swim very well, has no mouth, no shell, no Flubby-Friends. With more cards you can change that! Grow your Flubbies to their full potential and create your Flubby Farm!

Beware though, as you are not alone with your Flubbies… A rivaling swarm of aggressive Gronkas is already on their way! How long can you maintain your Flubby Farm against the ever-growing Gronka group?

Credits :
Flubby Farm was made withing two days for Ludum Dare 45.

Jonas Tyroller – Programming, Balancing, Game Design

Timo Falcke – Character Art, Animation, Game Design

Caspar Schirdewahn – Programming, UI, Game Design

Yannick Pawils – Environment Art, Sound Design, Music, VFX, Game Design

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

Drag cards onto the screen with the left mouse button.
Drag cards back into your hand or right click while dragging if you change your mind.