Flies in a Jar
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Flies in a Jar


A short creepy puzzle room escape game


It is 2007. You are a security guard at the mysterious agency ‘the FCL’. It’s your first night on the job. What will you uncover? At what cost? Look through CCTV cameras and sift through emails to find out.

Spoiler: this game has a couple elements where you will to use the actual internet/your computer to solve them. You will NOT need to use an actual phone.


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  • Made for Github Game Off 2021
  • jetsimon.com
  • @SimonJet
  • Art / Code by Jet Simon
  • The majority of SFX for this game were taken/remixed from freesound.org

How to Play:

Left + Right Arrows or A + D to look around

1 to switch to camera 1, 2 to switch to camera 2, etc

TAB to switch to desk view

0 to switch to computer view