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“Fins” is an engaging physics-based platformer game created by Waldo, where you step into the fins of a fish that has unexpectedly found itself washed ashore. In a twist of fate, your aquatic protagonist must navigate a challenging environment, striving to return to the safety of the ocean.

The gameplay in “Fins” is unique and intuitive, focusing on the use of the fish’s left and right fins to control movement. As players, you’ll need to master the timing and coordination of flipping these fins to propel the fish over obstacles and through the rugged terrain that separates it from the life-sustaining water.

This game combines elements of strategy, timing, and physics to create a compelling experience. Each level increases in difficulty, presenting new challenges that require creativity and persistence to overcome. The visually captivating graphics and responsive controls enhance the immersive experience, making every leap and flip a test of skill.

Can you help the fish across all 24 levels?

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