Farmers vs Aliens
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Farmers vs Aliens

Farmers vs Aliens is an action game where the objective of the game is to eliminate all alien invaders on your farm.

Quickly shoot them all before they take the cow off the screen, otherwise you lose.

Fight aliens with a variety of weapons and don’t waste a second. Switch between guns during the game, upgrade and equip new guns and skills before each level. Enjoy playing with funny game characters that will keep you entertained.

Aliens have invaded your farm! Arm yourself with a cannon and defend the cow. This game requires strategy as you shoot from cannons to destroy aliens. Protect the cow from their attacks, but be aware that the aliens have their own strategies for stealing it. Expect intense battles as you work to defeat the invaders. Eliminate all aliens through dynamic fights.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • ¬†PC controls: Click on enemies to shoot them.
  • Mobile controls: tap on enemies to shoot them