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Endacopia is a point-and-click adventure game where its like Pajama Sam and Petscop had a baby.

Currently a demo. If you want more and like to support the completion of the game, Please check out their KICKSTARTER


You will be required to guide a lost child through a world that operates on foreign rules. The child’s name is “Mellow” and he doesn’t know much about anything other than the fact that he has a strong gut instinct. With a little help from his guardian angel (You!), Mellow will be able to overcome many obstacles in the way of him finding a place he can call “home”… wherever that may be.


  • AndyLand is the creator, artist, programmer, sound designer, and writer for Endacopia.
  • Packtion is the composer for Endacopia. Their music is often featured in a plethora of animations and games online.
  • If there is problem with online version download the PC and Mac version on Itch.io

Just Have Fun!