Eggdog Extended
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Eggdog Extended


“Eggdog Extended” offers an enchanting and immersive gaming experience that brings the beloved Eggdog meme to life in a vibrant and interactive digital world. In this delightful game, players step into the shoes of Eggdog, the endearing, computer-generated pooch known for its unique, egg-shaped body. Eggdog has captured the hearts of many through its appearances in numerous remix videos and humorous memes. As players navigate through colorful landscapes and engaging challenges, they get to experience the world from Eggdog’s perspective, adding a fresh dimension of fun and creativity to the widely adored character. This game is a perfect blend of humor, adventure, and the quirky charm that Eggdog fans have come to love.

How high can you reach? Can you make it to outer space?

Made by zamsire, papercookies

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Just Have Fun!