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“Edelweiss” is an immersive platformer game that challenges players to ascend a towering mountain using only their wits and a trusty grappling hook. In this visually stunning pixelated adventure, you embark on a journey to conquer the peak, navigating through treacherous terrain filled with obstacles that test your reflexes and resolve.

As you climb higher, the environment becomes increasingly hostile and beautiful. The path is lined with perilous cliffs, slippery ice patches, and unexpected crevasses that require quick thinking and precision grappling. Your primary tool is the grappling hook, which you must master to swing across gaping chasms, climb steep inclines, and even fend off the occasional wildlife hazards.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:


  • Move: Left and Right arrow / A and D
  • Jump: space
  • Aiming: cursor position on the screen
  • Grabbing: Left mouse button


  • Move: Left and Right arrow / Left stick
  • Jump: Sud button
  • Aiming: Left stick /Right stick
  • Grabbing: Right trigger